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Updates for IP Telephony (Cisco CallManager, CallManager Express)

Posted November 17, 2006 by Al Banks in Cisco call manager

A couple of new commands to make life easier with IP Telephony using Cisco CallManager and CallManager Express.

For address management, start with DHCP. You will need to add TFTP support, so the phones will know where to get their configuration and software. Add:

ip dhcp pool option 150 ip

To keep voice traffic in a different VLAN (200) from data (100), change the switchport configuration like this:

interface fastethernet 1/0/1
switchport access vlan 100
switchport trunk native vlan 100
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport mode dynamic auto
switchport voice vlan 200
spanning-tree portfast

Also, do Auto QoS to keep everything flowing.

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