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Newer Catalyst and Router Switch Module VLAN Configuration

Posted January 29, 2004 by Al Banks in Cisco switch

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The following contains configuration notes for newer catalyst switches and switch modules.

IOS-based switches require slightly different configuration than their CatOS counterparts. One of the stranger configuration tasks is VLAN creation.

In an IOS device, from the enable prompt, type the following:

vlan database

This command takes you to the VLAN configuration. Now, you can type:

vlan name state active

e.g. – vlan 100 name dmz state active

Repeat this line for each VLAN you wish to create.

to save the changes or reset
to remove any changes.

Back on an enable prompt, config t
to enter configuration mode, and enter interface fastethernet 1/1
to go to FE1/1, then enter switchport access vlan 100
to put that port into VLAN 100. You can now configure the VLAN interface interface vlan100
with an ip address or other ethernet interface commands as desired.

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