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Posted May 17, 2021 by

How to Follow Topics on Twitter

Simply put, a Twitter ‘topic’ is exactly what it sounds like: a trend that has further tweets related to it. Twitter users are now able to follow and unfollow whatever topic interests them, from a wide range of topics as well as sub-topics. For instance, you might want to follow a topic called ‘music’ but […]

Posted April 13, 2021 by

How to Remove Followers on Twitter

Removing followers on Twitter—especially when they’re span accounts or some such unwanted profiles—is a very simple process. Even though there’s no direct, absolute feature that says ‘remove followers’ as such, there is still another feature we’re all familiar with, one that clears your Twitter profile of unwanted followers. And that is the block feature. Once […]

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Posted March 21, 2021 by

How to Hide Likes on Twitter

So you’re sick and tired of getting random messages and/or follower requests from total strangers on Twitter. You’ve tried everything and they still keep spamming you. There’s always a quick fix to everything; you just have to look deeper. In this case, it’s a two-word solution: private account. This single click-of-a-button feature fixes a whole […]

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Posted March 9, 2021 by

How to Stop DMs on Twitter

Twitter didn’t always have the option where a user could stop others from sending direct messages. However, with growing privacy concerns over the past couple of years, like every other major social media giant, Twitter has increased user control over things like DMs. If you’re receiving a ton of messages from accounts you don’t even […]

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Posted May 20, 2020 by

How to Retweet with Comments on Twitter (Easily Quote your Tweets)

Typing it out in a few words what you think about something is the trending way of sharing opinions today. Twitter, therefore, has been around for more than a decade now. It is a microblogging service. For the same reason, it is named Twitter: the chirping of a bird before it flies away. Likewise, the […]

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Posted December 17, 2019 by

How to Take Actions on Twitter Trends via Android App

Twitter Trends are a great alternative to turning on your television to see the news. They, too, keep you in the loop about what’s happening worldwide at any given time. You can tailor trending content according to your location. Twitter trends not only contain hashtags, but after latest successful updates, trending topics are also included. […]

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Posted December 16, 2019 by

How to Take Actions on Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are an organized way of keeping members and tweets separate in their respective categories. For example, Twitter profiles associated with art could all be added in one list titled art. Tweets from members added to this list would appear within that list. But other similar tweets, related to artistic content, will also appear […]

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Posted December 3, 2019 by

How to Hide Replies to Your Tweets

Learn how to hide and unhide replies to tweets with latest feature (Twitter 2019 update).

It can be quite bothersome when you open a tweet to look for an important…only to find out that it is lost somewhere among a bunch of other replies that are totally useless. Twitter has resolved this issue for you with its latest ‘hide replies’ feature that rolled out to the public on 19th November […]

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Posted July 8, 2018 by

How to Change Twitter Font Size — Enlarge Your Tweets

Many users have complained about twitter’s inflexibilities when it comes to fonts. For one, they only give you permission to post your tweets in a single font style. How is that fair? For such a popular website, it should have a host of options to accommodate the growing needs of its ever-growing members. But alas! […]

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Posted May 18, 2018 by

How to Make a Thread on Twitter — Extend Your Tweets

There are always more things to say, more interesting facts to add and more creativity to color your words. Luckily, for Twitter users, they are allowed this great amount of flexibility to keep adding that extra spark and creativity to their tweets even after they compose tweets. And to do that they must know how […]

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